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Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire damage and smoke damage restoration is complex and should be left to expert technicians. Our team will determine the best method of cleanup upon investigating the types of materials consumed by the fire. Understanding smoke odor and proper cleanup is vital before any rebuilding of the structure begins.

Whether it is a protein fire (strong pungent odor), a low heat smoldering fire, or a high heat fast burning fire, RestorU has the expertise to effectively remove the odors left behind.

We had a fire. What do we do?

RestorU can help undo the damages done by fire and smoke. Just call RestorU's 24 x 7 emergency service today at (920) 722-4357! RestorU works directly with your insurance company (or with you, if you do not have insurance) to clean, restore and rebuild your property. RestorU is a full-service restoration service, ready to help you with all your restoration needs, such as those listed below.

We guarantee it!